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Science Quiz Answers Round 3
This is a readymade, free list of Science Quiz Questions for your enjoyment. We hope you have a fun quiz night and enjoy our selection of brain teasers!

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1. False: The nucleus
2. True: Jupiter
3. True: LSD
4. False: They dilate
5. True: 25%
6. False: There are 46 chromosomes
7. True: 146 neutrons
8. True: Orion's Belt
9. False: It stands for Rapid Eye Movement
10. True: Physics
11. True: Plato
12. False: They are animals without backbones
13. False: Tundra is a vast, treeless area with permanently frozen subsoil
14. True: A warm ocean current flowing northward from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean
15. True: Knots
16. True: E=mc²
17. True: DNA
18. False: Charles Darwin wrote the theory
19. True: Viscosity
20. False: They're moons of Saturn
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