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Science Quiz Answers Round 2
This is a readymade, free list of Science Quiz Questions for your enjoyment. We hope you have a fun quiz night and enjoy our selection of brain teasers!

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1. False: It represents hassium
2. True: Na
3. True: The middle ear
4. True: Protons and neutrons
5. False: A minimum of two are required
6. True: Frontal, relief and convectional
7. True: Photosynthesis
8. False: It must be moving
9. True: 22 pairs of autosomes plus a pair of X chromosomes
10. False: They are incisors
11. True: Pd is palladium
12. True: Mass
13. True: The telescope
14. True: Nautical miles
15. False: Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity
16. False: Potential energy occurs from still objects
17. False: Iron can become a permanent magnet
18. True: Kinetic energy
19. False: It is soluble in water
20. True: 2.5 amps
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