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Science Quiz Answers Round 1
This is a readymade, free list of Science Quiz Questions for your enjoyment. We hope you have a fun quiz night and enjoy our selection of brain teasers!

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1. True: They help blood to clot (thicken)
2. False: Hydrogen's number 1
3. True: The femur
4. False: Parts of a flower
5. True: He invented the first practical incandescent light bulb
6. True: Alternating current
7. False: Humans have twelve pairs of ribs
8. True: They make an atom
9. False: It's red
10. True: Heat, oxygen and fuel
11. False: It orbits Saturn
12. False: There are 12 more in an adult set
13. True: Mercury's the smallest
14. True: Speed
15. False: It's the liver
16. True: Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton
17. False: It's Mg
18. True: Sulphuric Acid
19. True: It's a colourless, odourless gas
20. False: The four main groups are O, A, B, AB
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